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    "My gosh," Kimberly Hoffs whispered to her husband, "this is the most boring speech I've ever heard!" Dale Hoffs simply patted his wife on the arm and turned back to face the podium where the president of his company was droning on about corporate reorganization. Kimberly toyed with her napkin while taking a another sip of her wine before tapping her husband on the shoulder and saying, "I've have to use the restroom, I'll be back in a few minutes." He waived her off with a nod while she excused herself to the two other couples at their table before slipping out the side exit. As she made her way down the hall she muttered under her breath to no one in particular, "How can anyone talk for so long and say absolutely nothing?!?" Her thoughts were interrupted when a voice from around the corner offered, "I quite agree, that idiot is a sure cure for insomnia!" Kimberly spun around to see who had heard her little out burst and was surprised to see a handsome black man of about forty leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette. He looked slightly familiar, but she couldn't quite place him. Sensing her predicament he interjected, "You probably don't remember me, but I met you at the company Christmas party two years ago, my name is Hannibal Jackson." "Oh sure," Kimberly replied with a smile. "At the Winston Hotel, right!?!" "You got it," he said while flashing a killer smile. "What excuse did you use to get out of there?" he added. "Oh, I just said I had to use the little girl's room," she giggled. "Same here," came his reply. "Whattaya say we go together?!?" "Let's!" she replied while making a decorous bow.

    The restroom doors were side by side, so after giving Hannibal Jackson a nod and a smile she opened the door and slipped inside. At first she didn't even notice, but before the door had a chance to swing shut he followed her inside! "W-what are you doing in here?!?" she asked nervously while backing up against a counter containing three sinks. "I thought you might need some help," he replied casually while flicking his half smoked butt onto the floor. "H-help with what???" she asked thickly. "Ohhhh," he answered while moving up close to her, "I just was thinking that a woman like you might need some help with her panties." "W-what ever gave you that idea?!?" she stammered as a pang of arousal rolled through her quickly dampening vagina. "I can assure you that I'm quite capable of handling my own panties!" "I'm sure you are," he replied smoothly while caressing her bare arm. "But it would be so much more fun if I helped you take them off!" The mere touch of his hand on her arm caused her to shiver while her panties were now completely drenched from her growing excitement!

    She knew that she was in trouble but for some reason she just stood there while he began to caress her full breasts through her dress and bra! "Mmmmmm, I just love a woman with large breasts," he whispered into her ear. "Have you ever had a black man suck them for you!?!" "N-nooooo!!!" she gasped. "Never!!!" "It think we'd better do something about that, don't you!?!" he asked softly. With her mind careening our of control she struggled to think of an answer to his question, but instead of replying she followed him mutely as he lead her into the last toilet stall and closed and locked the door! "That's better," he said gently while sitting her down on the toilet lid, "now before we take care of your breasts, I think that maybe you had better help me with this!" Her eyes were now glazed over, but she watched in rapt fascination as he slowly unzipped his trousers and ordered, "Okay, baby, you take it out!!!"

    What in the heck was gong on here!?! Kimberly had been married for fifteen years to the same wonderful man and had never once even considered having a fling! But now, with her husband sitting not more than two hundred feet way she found herself compelled to do exactly what this man who was barely and acquaintance had to say! Her hand was shaking like the proverbial leaf as it slid inside of his open fly. "O-oh my god!!!" she moaned softly. "What's the matter?" he asked while thrusting his hips forward. "I-it feels so big!" she stammered. "I-I'm afraid!!!" "It won't hurt you," he replied calmly, "now do as I say or I'll have to spank you." Just the thought of having her plumb bottom being tanned by his huge hands made her moan even louder! "O- okay!" she gasped softly. "I'll do it!!!" This time she grabbed the thick piece of cock meat in her small hand while carefully maneuvering it out into the open air! "Sweet jesus!" she groaned while running her fingers up and down it's vein covered length. "Never in my entire life……." He chuckled softly under his breath and asked, "Now, what do you think you're going to do next!?!"

    With her breathing was becoming increasingly labored she stared up at his handsome face and whispered, "You want me to suck it?!?" "Do you want to?" he asked. "P- please!" she moaned. "Let me suck it off!" He leaned forward slightly, pressing his smooth cocoa colored head against her partially opened mouth! That was all the signal she needed as she let it slip inside where she immediately began sucking him like a vacuum cleaner! He groaned deeply as the hot mouthed slut slurped on his massive manhood. While he dearly loved the way his wife performed oral sex on him, there was nothing in the world quite like a cock hungry white bitch to get his juices really flowing! And what made it even better was that there was definitely a hint of danger in the air what with both of their spouses in the just down the hall in the ball room! It was plain from the moment she took him inside that she would suck him to completion, but just to tease her a little he scolded, "You're not doing nearly a good enough job, I'm sorry but that's all for you!!!" A look of absolute panic crossed her face as she gripped his shaft tighter while throwing her lips and tongue into overdrive! With his legs buckling under the oral assault, he held on to the wall of the stall as a vocano of hot white jizz blasted into the back of Kimberly Hoff's throat!

    "Oh mannnnnnn!" Hannibal Jackson sighed while leaning heavily against the wall. "You white bitches suck mean fucking pecker!!!" With her pussy in an absolute frenzy, Kimberly Hoffs momentarily stunned the just fucked stud with the lightning speed in which she stood up and shoved him down onto the pot! "Now it's my turn!" she hissed while hiking up her dress. "S-sweet mother of mine!" he groaned when her pretty sheer pink panties came into view. "Tear them off!!!" she pleaded. Chuckling at the urgency in her voice he casually caressed her panty crotch while showing little or no inclination in ripping them off. "Hurry up you bastard!" she pleaded. "Hurry up and fuck me!!!" He was just about to do as she asked when the door to the restroom swung open and someone crossed the room and entered the adjacent stall! "Good god!" he whispered hoarsely, "Someone's next door!!!" Before they realized what was happening someone plopped down on the toilet right next to the one they were using!!! With sweat breaking out on the forehead of the now very nervous stud, Kimberly quietly removed her panties before mounting Hannibal's rock hard pecker!

    She tried desperately not to make a sound, but the massiveness of the black stud's dick was too much for her as she involuntarily moaned softly as each inch of cock meat slid into her dripping wet pussy! "Are you all right over there!?!" the strange woman asked seriously. "You don't sound too good!!" Hannibal gritted his teeth while the hot assed white bitch rocked back and forth on his super engorged manhood, and then much to his chagrin Kimberly panted, "I-I'm okay, I'm just about ready to cum!!!" From the other stall the woman cleared her throat and remarked, "Well uh, I'm sorry to have bothered you." "T-that's all right" Kimberly moaned. "I'm almost there, ohhhhhhhhhhh god I'm cumming so fucking hard!!!" Hannibal's eyes rolled back into his head as he mouthed the words, "You're out of your mind!!!" As terrified as he was at getting caught, he was ten times more turned on!!! So while Kimberly rode him like a bucking bronco, his pecker convulsed several times before unleashing a torrent of cum deep in the pussy of the now well fucked white cocksucker!!!

    "Are you nuts!" he yelped. "That coulda been my wife over there!!!" "Do you know what could have happened…….." Kimberly put her hand over his mouth and smiled devilishly before wrenching her pussy around his now thickening cock and offering softly, "But it wasn't, now be quiet stud man, that black bone still has a lot of work to do……………"