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    October 13 Dear Diary, A truly incredible thing happened to me the other day, so mush so that I'm still a little shaken when I think back on it!!! It was early Saturday morning when my door bell rang and standing outside my door was Bonnie Jenkins and a girl I had never seen before! Bonnie asked if they could come in for a few minutes, and even though I was still in my bathrobe I said "sure" and invited them inside. It was then that I really got to give the other girl the once over, and to say that she was stunningly beautiful would be and understatement!!! As it turned out, she was the daughter of an American father and a Japanese mother, a combination that gave her a very exotic look to be sure!!! She had a petite stature from her Asia heritage, but it was her huge chest American size chest that I couldn't keep from staring at!!! Anyway, and much to my stunned delight, Bonnie said the reason that they dropped in was so that Akira, that was her name, could get her tits sucked!!! Diary, my pussy literally creamed just thinking about her taking off her top and exposing her ripe chest, and as I stared in what must have been gaped jawed wonder, the little Asian-American shyly slipped off her tee shirt and thrust her huge bra encased chest right into my face!!!

    I was a blithering fool I'm sure, but to see such a monumental pair of tits on such a small frame was like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, just breath taking!!! Anyway, Bonnie unhooked her bra, and with a little shrug of her shoulders off it came, releasing the two most beautiful breasts I have ever seen in my life!!! Her nipples were already hard, diary, and it was so easy just to open my mouth and let one slip right in!!! Immediately I could see why she wanted a good tit sucking, the little bitch was orgasmic from oral breast play alone!!! Within a matter of only a few minutes or so, I had her cumming in buckets while I gently nibbled and sucked on her incredibly sensitive nipples!!! Bonnie was so transfixed by what was happening, that she had plopped down on the floor and began brazenly masturbating right in front of both of us!!! Akira was so turned on by what was happening to her, that she pulled her nipple away from my mouth, and in what was just a stunning development, dropped to her knees in front of me, pulled apart my robe, and with a sweet look on her angelic face buried her mouth directly into my burning slit!!! Talk about an instant an climax, diary, I had at least three in the first minute and a half alone, and what's more, that little slut Bonnie put on a show of her own as she buried three fingers deep into her over heated snatch!!! Well anyway, diary, it was a good way to have east-west relations!!! Signing off for now, bye!!!

    October 24 Dear Diary, The parents of one of the boys in the fraternity stopped in yesterday to see how their son was doing! I told them that he was doing well as far as I could tell, but if they were worried about his academic progress they'd have to see the Dean! It was then that the wife interrupted me and said the it was Bob's social life they were concerned about and that they were worried that he wasn't getting his share of dates! I tried to assure them that he was doing just fine, when out of the blue she broke down in tears and explained that Bob had a need for a lot of pussy just like his father, and if he didn't have at least two orgasms a day he'd start to go crazy!!! I was a little taken aback at what she had just said, but what happened next was even wilder than that, because just as casually as you'd open a can of soda, she reached over and unzipped her husband's pants and pulled out one of the largest erections I had ever seen in my life!!!

    She then went on to explain that Bob had the same problem as his father, and if it was all right with me, she'd have to suck her husband off right then and their, just to relieve the incredible tension building up in his nut sack and hard pecker!!! Naturally I didn't want to make them feel uneasy or unwelcome, so I said "sure, go ahead", and just as if I wasn't even there, she dropped her head into his lap and calmly sucked him all the way to completion!!! After she sat up and wiped a few drops of wayward drops of jis from her lips, she opened up her legs and begged me to orally satisfy her!!! Her pussy was shaved smooth as a baby's, and as if drawn by a magnet, I slid over to her, and after taking in a deep breath of her aroma, pressed my face into her steaming cunt, and after few minutes of teasing, viciously flicked my tongue over her distended clitoris until she was moaning like a eighteen year old having her first orgasm!!! Afterwards she thanked me profusely while kissing me all over my face with gentle little nibbles, and as if her hubby were reading my mind, he asked softly if I would care to ride his big boner!!!

    With his wife a disheveled mess on the sofa, her husband lay back on the floor with his murderous hardon sticking straight up in the air begging me to mount and fuck him while his wife looked on!!! I slipped of my giant size bikini panties, and after lining the monster up, I slowly lowered myself down over its massive head until all nine and a half inches were buried deep inside of me!!! I now understood why they were so worried about Bob, because if was anything like his father he'd be needing a whole lot of fucking and sucking to keep himself satisfied!!! Anyway, diary, the feeling of being so filled up was absolutely heavenly and I rode that pecker like there was no tomorrow!!! From the background I could barely hear his wife urging him to fuck me harder, and as I glanced over my shoulder at her, I could see that she was furiously frigging her clitty for all she was worth!! Let me tellya, diary, this is one super charged family, a real bunch of fucking machines!!! I didn't think I had even one orgasm left in me, but when hubby rolled over and took me hard from the top with a series of unbelievably brutal thrusts, my mind went totally blank as another climax tore through my defenseless pussy like a freight train on the loose!!! All three of us must've cum with in seconds of each other, cuz we were all moaning and groaning in unison while our sex organs were twisted out of shape by our incredible climaxes!!! Good grief I have a meeting with one of the boys, gotta go now, bye!!!

    November 2 Dear Diary, I was wandering through the dormitory part of the building the other day just to make sure that everything was okay! I usually check the boys' rooms once or twice a month, but this time I saw something that made me shove my hand into my panties and finger my hot pussy then and there!!! Through a small crack in the door, I saw two of my boys jerking each other's hard penises!!! Good lord was it exciting!!! I never realized how large a cock little Jimmy had, that is until I saw Freddie jerking it and then leaning over and putting into his obviously hungry mouth!!! Both of these two boys are built on the slight side, diary, so their cocks looked super huge sticking up from their blonde haired crotches, and while I frigged my pussy like a maniac, they calmly got into position an began doing a very nice job of sixty nine!!! Holy smokes did it look nice, two young men with big erections in each others mouth, and from the looks of things, this wasn't the first time that they had done this with each other, because when they were about to shoot their loads of young spunk, neither of them pulled off, instead they sucked even hard until the other one had deposited a load of cum deep into his hot ready throat!!! I had to bury my mouth into my shoulder to keep from screaming out when I came, diary, but I managed to get back to my room whereupon I grabbed my ten inch black dildo and buried it balls deep into my squishy quim!!! What a day that was, but now, it's time for bed, see you later diary, bye!!!