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    Dinner Party

    "Oh, Carl," Nancy whispered after her husband had rung the doorbell, "I'm so nervous, I hope I don't embarrass you, I know how important this dinner with Mr. Ford and his wife is, I hope I don't screw it up for you!!!" Carl gave his wife of three years a big hug and a kiss and replied gently, "Don't worry about a thing, hon, Mr. Ford is a real down to earth sort of fella and I'm sure Mrs. Ford is too, so just be yourself, okay!?!" Nancy Brickman was about to respond to her husband when the big front door opened in front of them and a smiling Harvey Ford was inviting them inside!!! "Good evening my boy," the executive said with a smile, "and this must be Mrs. Brickman, it's so nice to meet you, Carl hear has told me all about you, but he never told me how beautiful you are!!!" Nancy quickly turned six shades of red, and even though she was totally on edge at meeting her husband's boss for the first time in her life, she still had the presence of mind to extend her hand and thank him for the invitation!!! Harvey Ford escorted the Brickmans into the living room where he offered them drinks, and while he was mixing their martinis, a tall stunning blonde entered the room and offered, "Well hello, everyone, I'm Amanda Ford, it's so nice to meet you!!!"

    Right away it became perfectly evident that when Amanda Ford was in a room full of people she immediately became the center of attention!!! She was tall, at least six feet in her stocking feet, and stunningly beautiful with a devastating body that was covered in a lycra thin dress that accentuated each and every one of her magnificent curves!!! Even though his pretty young wife was only standing a few feet from him, Carl never the less couldn't help gaping at the voluptuous woman that literally oozed sexuality from every pore in her body!!! Carl stared unabashedly at Mrs. Ford with his mouth literally hanging open, and even though he figured she was at least a good two hundred pounds, it was so well proportioned over her full figure that she was the perfect embodiment of the proverbial hour glass!!! The dress was pulled so tight over her body that Carl wondered how in the world so got herself into it, because it literally looked as if she had it spray painted on her!!! The tight dress did little to hide the enormity of her huge chest and ass, and Carl tired picturing in his mind's eye what it must be like to see this magnificent creature without her clothes on!!! If Nancy was nervous before, just being in Amanda Ford's presence made her feel like she was small and insignificant, so when Amanda asked her to join her in the kitchen to check on the dinner, all she could do was nod dumbly and follow her hostess out of the room!!!

    Once in the kitchen Amanda turned to face Nancy and in a low but firm voice asked, "You're quite nervous around me, aren't you child, you're literally shaking like a leaf!?!" Nancy took a long sip from her gin and tonic and in a barely audible voice replied, "W-well uh, I guess you could say that, I-I've never met anyone quite as beautiful as you are!!!" Amanda's face softened somewhat at that comment and she replied gently, "That was so nice of you to say, but really, dear, you're the one who is young and beautiful, I'm just an old hag so to speak, I'm old enough to be your mother!!!" "Oh no," Nancy replied quickly unable to take her eyes off the biggest set of tits she had ever seen in her life, "y-you're just unbelievable, I-I really mean that, and believe me, no mother ever looked as good as you!!!" Nancy was still extremely on edge, and much to her chagrin Amanda Ford stepped closer to her, almost close enough to let their breasts touch, and in a very low but forceful voice Amanda offered, "I was hoping that you'd feel that way, so you won't mind it when I reach up under your dress and finger your pussy, do you!?!"

    Nancy Brickman was totally and completely stunned at the overt nature of Amanda Ford's remarks, but much to her consternation, when the towering blonde casually reached under her dress and slipped her fingers past her panty crotch, all she did in response was to stand there like a statue and let the insistent fingers work their magic!!! "Oh my," Amanda whispered into her ear, "you have a very responsive pussy that seems to be in need of attention, are you close to having a climax, dear!?!" By now beads of sweat had broken out on Nancy's forehead, and as much as she wanted to run and get away from Amanda Ford, something was holding her in place, and as the middle finger flicked back and forth over her now very erect clitoris, her whole body shuddered violently as an orgasm of unbelievable intensity slammed into her pussy, leaving her shaken and wobbly legged as it slowly subsided!!! As Nancy struggled to catch her breath, Amanda removed her hand from the dripping pussy, and after kissing the stunned young woman full on the mouth, jerked the skin tight black dress up and over her head, leaving her standing in the middle of the kitchen dressed only in a merry widow corset that only accentuated her gigantic boobs and an ass!!!

    Amanda cupped her huge breasts and tweaked her already hard nipples and asked softly, "Dear, have you ever orally satisfied another woman, I mean have you ever put your mouth on another woman's pussy!?!" Nancy shook her head no, but instinctively she knew that that situation was about to change, and while normally she would have been completely repulsed, she offered absolutely no resistance when Amanda Ford sat down on the edge of the table with her legs spread wide apart and pulled the stunned young woman's mouth directly into her dripping smoothly shaven cunt!!! "Oh, yesssssss," the older woman hissed, "for a beginner you're doing a very good job, now do my clit, oh yesssssss, right there, mmmmmmmmm yes, do it for mama!!!" Nancy's mind was spinning out of control, but even in her stunned state she worried that her husband might walk in and see her with her mouth and tongue attached to Amanda's big pussy and clit!!! As she bored her tongue in harder on the huge dyke's big clit, she could hear the kitchen door opening and her husband gasping, "W-what in the hell is going on in here!?!"

    Now it was her husband's turn to be stunned, and just as he crossed the room to pull Nancy away from between Amanda's thighs, the big bitch caught him flush on the chin with a hard right cross that sent him crumpling to the floor in front of her where upon she snapped to her husband, "Don't just stand there, get him into the chair, take off his clothes, and tie him up!!!" Harvey Ford quickly followed his wife's directive, and within a matter of only a few minutes a groggy Carl was sitting on a kitchen chair with his legs pulled apart leaving his semi hard erection in full view!!! "Well," Amanda chuckled evilly, "it looks like your hubby likes what he's seeing cuz just look at that, he's getting a nice big hardon!!!" With her eyes now filling with tears, Nancy looked over in shock to see Carl shaking the cobwebs out of his head with what was definitely a huge boner sticking up out of his groin!!! She couldn't tell for sure how close Amanda Ford was to cumming, but much to her surprise and horror, she watched in utter fascination while Amanda shoved her out of the way and mounted her husband's big cock and began going for a ride!!!

    Carl Brickman was anything but a small man, standing at least six feet tall and weighing in at one hundred eighty muscular pounds, but he looked like a little boy as he sat helplessly while the incredibly built blonde pounded up and down on his thick prick!!! Harvey Ford just stood by shame faced while his wife rode the big dick for all she was worth, and much to his chagrin he turned beat red when she commented, "Now this is more like it, a real cock for a change, you're really lucky having this big monster to ride every night, honey, I'll bet he fucks you till you scream!!!" Nancy was now sobbing silently to herself, and even though she didn't want to, her eyes were glued to Amanda's immense ass and her husband's cock as she bounced up and down on his thick fuck pole!!! Her balloon like tits bounced crazily only inches from his face, and even though he knew it was wrong, they were like magnets to his mouth, and with his cock running on cruise control, he buried his face between her jiggling pillows and began sucking one of her distended nipples for all he was worth!!! "Oh god," she gasped when he nipped at her hard little nub, "oh yessssss, suck my tits, ohhhhhh fuck I just love a good tit sucking!!!" This went on for a good ten minutes before inevitably both of them tensed up and shuddered while major climaxes ripped through their blood engorged organs!!! Almost as soon as she was finished Amanda hopped off of Carl's big pecker, and then while he looked on helplessly, the big Amazon grabbed his wife by the hair and dragged her over to him where she made her suck him to another stunning orgasm, filling Nancy's mouth with a huge load of hot burning cum!!!

    "Now," Amanda said with a grin, "don't they just make a precious couple!?!" When she got no answer from her husband, she looked at him sharply and repeated her question and he quickly replied, "Uh, yes, dear, they make a very attractive couple!!! Amanda was casually fingering her incredibly engorged labia, seemingly lost in thought when out of the blue she suggested, "Ya know, hon, you're so lucky to have a husband with such a big cock that I think it would be a good idea to let you see how the other half lives!!!" "W-what do you mean by that," Nancy Brickman asked nervously!?! "Oh just that it might be nice to see you fuck Harvey, here," she replied with obvious relish, "it would give you a whole other perspective on what a real fuck is!!!" "Oh nooooo," Carl said while trying to unloosen his bindings, "you leave her alone, I'll see you in jail for this, I really will!!!" "Oh my," Amanda Ford said with mock fear, "I'm so scared, Harvey, what on earth should I do!?!" Her husband looked on in total humiliation and replied, "I don't know, Amanda, what should you do!?!" "As usual, you have nothing to offer," she spat, "now off with your pants, worm, and show this fine young couple what a big "stud" you are!!!"

    With his head hung down, Harvey Ford slipped out of his pants and shorts, and true to his wife's word, he stood there with a four inch cock that stood forlornly at attention all by its lonesome!!!" Nancy shivered at the thought of having sex with the older man, but quick as a cat Amanda Ford stood up and grabbed her roughly by the arm and shoved her to the floor, and while holding her still, her tiny dicked husband took his place between her firm young thighs!!! Carl struggled mightily to free himself, but in the end all he could do was watch sadly as his wife submitted to his boss's advances!!! Even though Harvey Ford was far from well hung, he had a technique that quickly brought Nancy to the edge of a climax, so as Nancy's hips began to buck up to meet each of Harvey's strokes, Amanda turned her attention back to Carl!!! "Just look at little wifey," she smirked, "I think she's gettin' into Harvey's little dick!!!" Carl closed his eyes to the horror that was occurring in front of him, but almost immediately he was snapped back to reality when Amanda Ford mounted his hard prick and shoved her massive breasts into his stunned face and offered, "Now, since your wife is having such a good time, we might as well not let this big hardon go to waste, right, so suck my tits while I ride your fucking cock!!!"

    Carl was disgusted with himself that he had so little self control, but Amanda Ford was so incredibly sexy that it was impossible for him not to react like any normal man would, so with the moans of his wife filling his ears, his hard pecker was being engulfed by the biggest and wettest cunt he had ever felt as well as having her fat tits bouncing up and down across his face!!! "Christ alive," he thought to himself, "I love my wife, but I just can't help it, she's just so fucking huge and sexy, she's just intoxicating!!!" Nancy was now groaning loudly as a brutal climax erupted in her tiny little cunt, and try as he might, the sound of his wife losing her nut was an unbelievable aphrodisiac, and coupled with the grinding pussy of Amanda Ford, Carl's nut sack grew tight as his pecker spamsed over and over again, filling the big assed blonde with a gusher of his hot burning cum!!! Feeling Carl's huge dick convulsing inside of her, Amanda's pussy wrenched hard around the brutally thick pole, and like a ticking time bomb, her pussy exploded in a rainbow of colors as she bounced up and down like she was riding a wild stallion!!!

    For a long time no one said a word until Carl asked softly, "Could someone please untie me, we want to go home!!!" Amanda gave her husband a nod, and after a few minutes, both Nancy and Carl were dressed and heading for the door!!! They were just about to leave when Amanda yelled out, "Before you leave, I have a little going away present for you!!!" As they both turned to see what Amanda Ford was talking about, she tossed a video tape on the floor in front of them and offered wickedly, "Just a little keepsake of our night together, now get the fuck out of here, that is until I call you back, got it!?!" With a cold shiver running through them, Carl picked up the tape and replied, softly, "Got it!!!" Later on as they drove home in silence, both of them contemplated the events of the evening and wondered what Amanda Ford would have in store for them at her next dinner party!!!