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    Midori slowly made her way around the sumptuously appointed living room before stopping by the window to take in the breath taking view of Central Park. "I just love your place," the cute twenty something Japanese American called out, "but the rent must cost you a fortune!" A voice from the bedroom down the hall shouted back, "I'm sorry, hon, I didn't catch that!" Midori gave the park one last look before heading down the long hall to the rear of the apartment where Angela kept her bedroom. Without knocking she pushed open the partially ajar door and offered, "I was just saying that you must pay a fortune in rent." Not aware that her office mate and good friend had entered the room, Angel barely had time to pull a towel over her naked body, but it was too late to hide her secret as she could see by the stunned look on Midori's face!

    "W-what's was that?!?" the young Asian asked haltingly. "What was what?" Angela replied flippantly. "Under the towel, you covered it up," Midori answered in a still shaky voice. "You must be imagining things," Angela replied while turning tail and heading into the adjacent bathroom. Now quickly regaining her senses Midori chased after Angela and barged into the bathroom only to find her friend standing in the corner while trying to fight back her tears! With the towel still pulled up around her neck Angela whispered, "I think you'd better leave now, I want to be left alone." Midori stood her ground and ignored Angela's demand, but instead with lightning fast reflexes, grabbed the towel in her right and ripped it away from the stunned young woman!!! Now standing there completely naked, the trembling woman had nowhere to hide, so with a look of resignation on her face she dropped her arms to her side and faced her friend straight on!

    After staring at Angela's crotch for what seemed to be forever, the shocked young woman asked, "I-is that what I think it is???" "I guess it depends on what you think it is," Angela replied softly. "But how, why…….???" Midori asked. " I mean you have a cock for christ's sakes!!!" With tears now streaming down her cheeks Angela began sobbing uncontrollably while she practically fell into her friend's arms! "Take it easy," Midori said softly, "it's can't be that bad!" "T-that's easy for you to say," Angela blubbered, "at least you're not some kind of circus freak!!!" The young Asian took her friend by the shoulders, and after giving her a violent shake she offered gently, "now let's stop this crying and talk it over, okay?!?" Midori pulled a tissue from the dispenser and dabbed the tears away from Angela's face before leading her by the arm back into the bedroom. She sat down on the edge of the bed leaving Angela standing directly in front of her, and for the first time she got a good look at her best friend's "equipment". "It's really kinda cute," Midori said softly. "And it's so tiny!!!"

    "That's from the estrogen tablets I take everyday," Angela replied, "it makes my boobs grow and my pecker shrink." "Can it still get hard???" Midori asked curiously. "Sure," Angela replied, "but it's still pretty small!" 'M-may I feel it?!?" Midori asked in a slightly husky voice. No one besides herself had ever touched her little pecker, and a shiver of excitement rolled through her as she whispered, "Y-yes, I'd really like you to!" With her own hand shaking Midori gingerly reached out and caressed the cute little organ! Immediately it twitched in her hand while quickly coming to life! "It's so darn cute!!!" Midori gushed. "I'm gonna suck it!!!" Before Angela could even reply her friend of two years leaned forward and gently took the little erection into her warm wet mouth! "Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyy!!!" the stunned young woman gasped. "T-that feels wonderful!!!" While Midori was far from promiscuous she had had her share of men, and consequently had sucked her share of cocks. But for the sheer excitement of it all, she couldn't remember a time when sucking a hard pecker was more arousing! It was as big as the middle finger of and average size man, making it about three and a half inches long and not very thick! While she loved sucking cock, after a while a big dick became uncomfortable as it stretched your jaw muscles to the max, while Angela's pecker was just perfect for sucking!!! She was just about to pull of to ask if it could ejaculate when out of the blue Angela moaned loudly while sending a surprisingly large load of hot cum into her not quite ready mouth! "My goodness, girl!!!" Midori exclaimed breathlessly. "You have quite the little weapon there, and I think it's time we put it to better use!!!"

    While Angela watched in rapt silence, Midori quickly stripped off all of her clothing before flopping back onto the bed with her legs spread wide apart! "My god!" Angela gasped. "You look good enough to eat!!!" "I'm all for that," Midori replied softly while gently fingering her smoothly shaven lips. "Why don't you eat this while I twist these!?!" Now leaving her gaping vagina open and available, Midori took her hard nipples between her fingers and began twisting them roughly. "Well come on!" she panted. "Suck me off, and that's an order!!!" The mini pecker was again at full attention, but for the moment it was all but forgotten as Angela slid easily between Midori's trim thighs until her mouth was a mere inches from the hot wet pussy! "Come on!!!" the little Asian urged. "Don't tease me, suck me!!!" "Are you sure you want me too?!?" Angela impishly asked. Midori wasn't in the mood for games, so without warning she reached down and grabbed the surprised woman by the back of her head while pulling it directly to her gaping snatch!!!

    "Oooomph!!" she gasped as mouth connected with lips. "Oh yeah, suck mama's hot fat cunt!!!" she demanded. "Do it, do it, do it!!!" Her pussy was absolutely on fire as the hot mouthed little bitch literally ate her cunt for supper!!! Angela's slithering tongue quickly found its way to her seat of pleasure as it scraped roughly over the tiny little head over and over again! With each pass Midori's body stiffened as an orgasm of immense proportions built up deep inside her flat belly! When she was sure that Angela's mouth was there to stay, the pretty little Asian returned to her hard nipples and again twisted them between her thumbs and forefingers! Just when she didn't think she could take it for even one more second, the hot cocked little transsexual slid up until her little erection slid easily into the stunned young woman's red hot vagina! "Oh my fucking god!!!" Midori moaned. "Y-you're fucking me with your little boy cock, god it feels so goooood!!!"

    Even though it was small, Angela's pecker pistoned in and out of the buttery pussy with almost frightful rapidity!!! With there pretty firm breasts now squished together, Midori wrapped her legs around Angela's ass, effectively locking her in place!!! The scene was incredibly arousing as Angela's sweet little ass bounced up and down as she drove her tiny pecker in and out of Midori's very needy pussy!!! Both of them were so close to orgasm they could almost taste it! Now looking her friend and lover in the eye, Angela mouthed the words "I love you" before kissing her deeply on the mouth! Midori eagerly returned the kiss, and as their tongues intertwined, Angela's tiny penis spasmed hard, sending them both over the edge while monster climaxes tore through their engorged organs with brutal ferocity!!! "Good grief!!!" Midoir gasped. "I thought I was gonna die!!!" You won't get off that easy!" Angela giggled. "Now let's rest for a few minutes and do it one more time!!!" Midori simply hugged her new lover and whispered, "Mmmm, okay, let's do it again!!!"