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    The room was large, at least seventy by one hundred feet, with a series of televisions sets hanging from the ceiling that were broadcasting the days latest soap operas to the one hundred twenty women sitting quietly in overstuffed easy chairs!!! But along with the sound of the dialog come from the sets, a steady whir could be heard eminating from the electric milking machines that were connected to the breasts of each woman there!!! Most of the women were in their early twenties, and after having given birth to babies of their own and begun begun lactating, the Licky Lacky company hired them to produce milk for their special natural mother's baby formula!!! Each woman was carefully monitored as to exactly how much milk each of them produced as they were paid by the pound, much like milk cows on a farm!!! Attendants were constantly walking the aisles, making sure that the equipment was operating properly, and also to help any of the women in the event they needed assistance!!!

    All of the women were kept completely naked while they were performing their milking duties, and for several very good reasons!!! Since a strict milking schedule was kept to almost the split second, it was almost impossible for a woman to leave her station, even to go potty, so all of the attendants carried a urinal with them in the event a woman needed to answer nature's call, and while having milk pumped from your breasts was in fact just a job in many ways like any other, the simple fact remained that many of the women became sexually aroused during milkings, and for this reason, being naked allowed the attendants to more easily bring the women to climax!!! It wasn't unusual in the least to have ten or fifteen women being tended to with large thick dildos shoved deep into their churning vaginas, or if the need arose, to have the attendant actually get down and orally satisfy the women with their mouths and tongues!!! For many of the women giving birth to a child seemed to unlock hidden sexual desires that may have been lying dormant for years and years, and once unleashed, these women had prodigious appetites for all types of sexual contact!!!

    The woman all lived in a dormitory type setting with maybe twenty cots to a room, and while breast sucking was certainly frowned upon (you don't want to drink up the product), oral genital contact was not only approved but encouraged, as it kept the woman happy and satisfied, and more often than not only half of the cots were used at night as the women were paired off and sleeping with their partners!!! On an average night most if not all of the women had at least two or three orgasms that were orally induced by their partners, so quite naturally the echos of woman climaxing could be heard up and down the long corridors all hours of the night!!! Most of women slept breast to breast with their partners as the feeling of another pair of large milk filled mammaries pressed up against their own had a particularly soothing affect on them, which allowed them to produce more milk as well as achieve harder and more satisfying orgasms!!!

    Do to the fact that the sexual contact was pervasive and constant and that oral genital contact was most prevelant, at least twice a week the woman were required to shave their vaginal areas completely smooth for hygenic reasons!!! The shaving was usually performed by the partner, as it was delicate job that naturally needed great care, it also provided another opportunity to be brought to another orgasm either by mouth or fingers after the shaving was completed!!! The normal procedure was to sit on a small stool under the shower with your legs spread wide apart while your partner lathered up your vaginal area with warm soap!!! Since most of the women had recently given birth to children, their labia were not only extremely sensitive to the touch, they were also bulging far beyond their usual dimensions, so even the mere pressure of a double edge razor could set them off on a series of hard crushing orgasms!!! Usually, however, the most intense climaxes ocurred after the shaving was completed and warm oil was massaged into the just rinsed lips to prevent razor burn!!! Fingers invariably found their way into the now flushed folds of skin that hid large demanding clitorises that never seemed to be completely satiated, and as the insistent fingers worked their magic, vaginas convulsed while orgasms ripped through the milk laden women, leaving them dazed and happy while their partners then led them to the lunch room for breakfast!!! The next day the roles would be reversed and the other partner would receive the same treatment!!!

    Of course after breakfast it was off to the milking station to be connected to the connected to the powerful pumps that would extract the milk from the now gibbous breasts, and some of the women, already dripping with desire, immediately asked to be fitted with large vibrators that could be inserted deep into their freshly shaven vaginas and operated by the user with a small remote control that could vary the intensity of the buzzing inside of their pussies!!! Once the pumps were connected and operating, if a woman desired a vibrator she would gently hold her labia wide apart to allow the huge vibe entry into her cunt, and in most cases once she hit the on switch and giant humer began doing its work, it usually took only few moments for her first orgasm to whip saw through her now helpless pussy!!! Of course as in any business there was a pecking order of sorts, and in the milk producing business it was no different than any other business, so the women that produce the most milk go some extra added inducements, one of which was the privilege of sucking a large penis just after the morning pump hookup!!!

    While all the other women looked on green with envy, the top producers had the large vibrators implanted in their vaginas while young men with huge erections stood silently by their chairs while the woman greedily sucked them to completion!!! It always seemed that erection induced orgasms were always a little bit harder and stronger than the ordinary oral or vibrator could produce, and for this reason every woman did her best to give as much milk as she possibly could!!! Once a month a special award was given for the woman who was the top producer, and while she appreciated the plaque, what she really enjoyed was being allowed to have one of the young men put his huge erection into her overheated vagina, usually bringing her the best orgasm of the month!!! To give added incentive to the other women, this fucking usually took place in front of all of the milkers while the young man would impale the helpless woman with his gigantic pecker, ramming her until she begged him to stop!!! On most of these occassions most of the women would furiously finger their vaginas to orgasms of their own, living vicariously through the woman up on the platform getting her pussy reamed by the big cocked stud man!!!

    So the next time you pick up a gallon of real woman's milk, think of all of the orgasms it took to produce it!!!