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    David was just finishing up with the day's last customer when Bobbi Foxx asked him to lock the front door and then come into her office!!! "All done," he said while knocking on the door jam to her office!!! "Come on in, David," I'll be with you in a moment, I'm just finishing up totaling up the day's receipts!!!" "Take your time," he said easily while taking a chair, "business has been pretty good, hasn't it!?!" "Yes it has," she said, "how long have you been working for me, David!?!" "Uh, about a year," he answered quickly, "why, are you unhappy with my work!?!" "Not at all," she replied softly, "I-it's just that I was wondering about something, that's all!!!" Not quite sure how to respond to her query, he just sat waited for her to continue, and when she did, he realized that her face was flushed a bright shade of red and her words almost seemed to be slurred!!! "A-as I was saying," she went on hesitatingly, "I was just wondering if you had a steady girl friend!?!" Now he was really confused, why on earth would a fifty year old matron care whether or not he had a girl friend!?!

    He didn't answer for a moment while collecting his thoughts until finally answering, "Uh, no ma'am, I don't have a steady girl friend, in fact I really don't date much at all!!!" "That's surprising," she replied quickly, "a nice looking man like you must have ample opportunity with the ladies!!!" "Well er, I don't know," he said while squirming uncomfortably in his chair, "you know how it is, it's either feast or famine!!!" She chuckled a little, and then after clearing her voice offered slowly, "I-I've been thinking about you a lot lately, David, and don't misunderstand me, you can get up and leave right now if you like, but I just have to get this off of my chest!!! "Chest," he thought, "it would take a lot to get anything off of Bobbi Foxx's chest because she had just about the biggest pair of boobs he had ever seen on a woman, and in fact he had masturbated on more than one occasion just wondering what it would be like to see her slipping out of her massive bra!!!

    This conversation seemed to be leading somewhere but for the life of him he was sure where, so he just nodded for her to continue!!! "Anyway," she went on, "as you maybe didn't know I've been single all my life, and running a successful business pretty much takes up all of my time so it hasn't been easy having any kind of regular social life, if you get my drift!?!" A funny gnawing was eating away at him, and although he wasn't exactly sure why, his penis had turned blue steel hard as she danced around whatever it was she was trying to say, so again he nodded his affirmation and she continued speaking, "So you see, I was just wondering, since neither one of us have been having much luck with the opposite sex, maybe we could, you know, kinda get together!?!" He was stunned!!! If what he thought she meant is really what she meant, well this could turn out being the best day in his short eighteen year life, and just as he was about to reply, Bobbi Foxx stood up behind her desk and began taking off her clothes!!!

    "H-holy smokes," he gasped as she stripped down to her panties and bra, leaving her voluptuous body towering over him, "I-I don't believe this is happening to me, I really don't believe it!!!" "Don't believe what, David," she asked while cupping her gigantic boobs which were still encased in her bra, "you don't think these are real, well I can assure you that they are one hundred percent U.S. prime tit!!!" "I-I didn't mean that," he stammered, "I-it's just that I can't believe I'm finally gonna get to see you naked!!!" "Why is that," she asked softly, "have you been thinking about seeing me naked!?!" He made and audible gulping sound while nodding his head yes, and as he sat there in utter disbelief, she made her way around to his side of the desk, and with her hands on her ample hips, asked him to finish undressing her!!! "Y-you're kidding," he gasped as her huge body was now only inches from him, "are you serious!?!" "I've never been more serious in my entire life," she replied thickly, "now be a good boy and help me out of my bra and panties!!!"

    His breaths were now coming in fits and starts, and even though he was almost in a state of shock, he gingerly reached out and started tugging Bobbi's huge pair of black bikini panties over her very plump thighs!!! He never figured someone as large as Bobbi would be wearing such sexy underwear, but her matching bra and panty set with its sheer fabric was nearly driving him crazy with desire!!! As her panties slipped to her ankles, her huge hairy muffy popped into view, and almost reflexively he gasped, and as if he were on automatic pilot, he leaned forward and calmly began licking her directly in her over heated crack!!! Oh my," she moaned while spreading her legs wide apart and resting her hands on his shoulders for balance, "y-you have a real gift, David, the girl who nabs you is going to be very happy indeed!!!" David had never sucked a pussy in his life, but two million years of evolutionary development took over as he bored in hard on her erect clit, and within only a matter of minutes her whole body was shuddering as an orgasm of massive proportions ripped her cunt to shreds, causing her to lean back and sit down hard on the front edge of her desk gasping for breath!!!

    David was still pretty much in a state of shock at the amazing turn of events, but not so much that when a hairy pussy was spread only a mere three feet away from him seemed to be begging to be fucked, so without a word or sound he stood up, took off his pants and shorts, and then with his cock as hard a piece of iron, stepped forward and entered his boss's white hot cunt with one hard thrust, causing her to moan and gasp at the suddenness of his assault!!! This was nothing like he pictured his first time to be like, with a middle aged woman who was so plump she could had been called fat, but was turning him on like no little skinny assed eighteen year old ever could!!! His pecker became a blur as it slammed in and out of the molten cauldron that was her pussy, and as his pecker stiffened in a precursor to his ejaculation, she offered up a hard nipple to his gaping mouth, and in blinding moment of ecstasy his pecker convulsed over and over while jettisoning its seed deep in her love canal!!! His enthusiasm was palpable, and if his technique wasn't exactly perfect, his jack hammer like pecker pounded in and out of her with such piston like efficiency that her pussy was completely overcome by its ferocity, and as he was losing his own load, her cunt swallowed him whole, powering her to another climax that would this time surely induce her to pass out!!!

    David's legs already a little rubbery, finally gave out as he collapsed on her belly and chest gasping for breath while nuzzling her massive mammaries to his cheek!!! With warm cum drooling out of wide open slit, she sighed deeply while gently caressing her new stud's cheek while again feeding a nipple into his hungry mouth while offering, "I think that we've just found several new official duties for you to perform, and I must say you are a fast learner!!!" He gave her big nipple a little nip, and with a twinkle in his eye replied, "I guess I must have had a good teacher!!!