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    Claire shivered against the cold and snuggled up against her husband while they stood on the front porch waiting for someone to answer the door! "Oh my, it's cold," Claire said with a shudder, "I wish someone would answer the bell!" "I think I hear someone coming now," Frank replied while tugging Claire closer to him, "boy, it's been a long time since we've visited Tom and Marge, about two years I'd guess!!!" "At least," Claire whispered as the door began to swing open, "oh, Frank, I forgot to mention it before we left, but I'm not wearing any panties!!!" "W-what," he stammered to his pregnant wife," as Tom Barker opened the door, inviting them inside! "Good to see you again," Tom offered while ushering Frank and Claire into the living room where ten other couples were drinking, talking, and enjoying hors d'oeuvres, "you two know everyone here, so just grab yourselves a drink and have a good time!!!" Frank tried to get his wife's attention as she made her way over to meet the hostess, but by then her back was to him and all he could think about was how under her long evening gown was her, round tummy, plump bare ass, and smoothly shaven pussy!!!

    For the next hour the Frank and several other men talked politics and sports, but every so often Frank's eyes would gravitate to Claire, where upon she would give him a little smirk of a smile and then go back to talking to the girls!!! It was driving him out of his mind, just imagining putting his hands under her dress and feeling her pussy was giving him a woody that wouldn't quit, and almost out of pure desperation he excused himself from the men and headed towards where Claire and the ladies were sitting!!! "Well, Frank," Jenny Corbet teased, "Claire tells us that you had a little trouble trying to fix the plumbing last week!!!" "What'd she tell you," he asked in mock anger!?! "Oh, just that you practically drowned yourself when you forgot to shut off the water main," she giggled, "other that that, she didn't say a thing!!!" "Hrumph," he snorted, "she exaggerates everything, but if you ladies don't mind, I'd like to borrow her for a few minutes, so if you'll excuse us, please!!!"

    Frank took Claire by the arm and led her to the stairs that led up to the second floor and in a low cracking voice he asked, "D-did you really forget to wear your panties!?!" Claire, giving him a sweet little smile replied, "Of course not, silly, what ever gave you that idea!!" "B-but you said," he mumbled, "when we were on the porch that you forgot to put them on!!!" They were now in the upstairs hall making their way to the bathroom when Claire replied softly, "I said that I wasn't wearing panties, I never said I forgot them!" Frank pulled Claire inside the john and closed the door behind them and stammered, "Oh god, show me, please, don't tease me, let me see your pussy!!!" "You mean right here in Tom and Marge's bathroom," she replied coyly?!? Frank's breathing was now becoming increasingly labored, and with a great deal of difficulty he gasped while pawing at her dress, "P-please, I can't stand it, ya gotta show it to me or I'm gonna shoot it in my pants if you don't!!!"

    Claire slipped away from her husband's grasp and asked softly, "Remember last year when you teased me that remote controlled vibrator until I was practically going crazy!?!" "W-what does that have to do with anything," he stammered!?! "Oh, I don't know," she replied sweetly, "I thought that since we were talking about teasing each other that it was an appropriate topic that's all!!!" By now sweat had broken out over Frank's forehead, and with a dry mouth he gasped, "I'm sorry, I promise never to tease you again, now for god sakes let me have it!!!" After taking what seem like hours, Claire finally relented and replied, "Okay, but first, sit down on the john and keep your hands to yourself!!!" Thinking that he was finally going to get his prize, Frank plopped down on the pot and watched wide eyed while Claire slowly lifted the hem of her dress until he could just barely see her slit bulging obscenely between her firm thighs!!!

    Making a wild grab for her, she slapped his hands away and said evenly, "You said that you just wanted to see it, now keep your hands to yourself or I'll put it away, do you understand me!?!" In almost a wail he begged, "Y-you can't do this to me, you're a sadist!!!" "Oh my," she replied gently, "that sounds so horrible, since you're calling me names maybe I should just drop my dress and go back to the party!!!" Now practically out of his mind with lust, Frank literally leaped off the toilet, burying his mouth right into Claire's now dripping pussy, while after forcing his tongue into her hot quim proceeded to tongue her to a fast vicious orgasm!!! Even before her climax had ebbed from her twitching box, Frank scrambled to his feet and while pushing her face first over the sink with one hand, while extracting his rock hard pecker with his other, and without so much as a word of warning drove his spike deep into her drooling slit with one hard thrust!!! Claire buried her mouth into her arm while trying to suppress a scream as her husband brutally assaulted her defenseless organ with his rock hard cock while gasping, "T-tease me will you, I'll show you bitch, take that, and that, and that," as he rammed her mercilessly until both of them exploded in a mutual climax of almost epic proportions!

    With both of them now in a post coital haze, they slipped slowly to the floor while Frank's pecker popped out of Claire's shredded pussy as a small rivulet of cum ran down the inside of her thigh!!! "That was incredible," Frank sighed while leaning over to give Claire a kiss on her belly, "you still drive me fucking wild, I just can't help myself!!!" Clarie smiled at her totally spent husband and replied softly, "Frank, darling, if there's one thing you are it's that you're predictable!!!" "I am not," he replied in a hurt voice, "it's just that when I thought about your bare muffy, well I just couldn't contain myself!!!" Just then there was a knock on the bathroom door and a feminine voice asking softly, "Is everything okay in there!?!" "Uh, yeah," Claire replied, "we'll be out in a minute, Marge, no problem!!!" "What am I going to tell her," Claire asked while straightening up her dress, "this looks pretty fishy to say the least!?!" Frank tucked his dick back inside his pants and replied, "I dunno, just tell her that I was helping you with your contact lens!!!" "I don't wear contacts, Frank," she replied with exasperation!!! "I know that," he chuckled, "it was just a thought, that's all!!!"

    Claire smiled a sweet little smile and kissed her husband on the cheek, and as the door opened to a concerned Marge, she whispered into his ear, "Like I said, predictable, and by the way, dear, I'm not wearing a bra.....................!!!"