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    Jimmy stood over in the corner of the shower room all alone while shyly soaping up his overly thin one hundred twenty five pound body!!! Off all the members of the fraternity, Jimmy was the one that was most left out of things, and not just because of his diminutive size, but also from a total lack of self esteem!!! Ever since he was a young boy Jimmy felt like he was a fifth wheel, kinda out of step with the rest of the crowd, and for that reason he threw himself into his studies a which he he excelled!!! When he went away to college, almost as a lark, he went through rush week at several of the major fraternities, and much to his utter surprise he was offered a pledge at the most prestigious frat on campus!!! For the life of him he wondered why they had invited him to join, but later on he discovered that each fraternity is rated by its cumulative grade point average, and every year the pledge board selects several freshman solely on their ability to pull grades!!! The funny thing was he wasn't even hurt by the slight, because the other boys treated him well enough, and everywhere he went people knew that he was a member in good standing, so he silently went about his business without really mingling with the other boys, but as he was soon to find out, things were about to change!!!

    "Hey, Jimmy," a loud baritone voice yelled out from across the shower room, "how's it going!?!" After sticking his head under the water to rinse the soap off his face, Jimmy looked up to see Jake Mitchell stepping under a shower head as she lathered up his incredibly muscular body, and after clearing his throat, he answered back, "Uh, good, Jake, how are you!?!" "Real good, kid," Jake shot back, "didn't see ya at the party last night, where were ya!?!" "I was at the chemistry lab finishing up an experiment," Jimmy replied!!! "Your jacking me, right," Jake yelled, "it was fucking Friday night, boy, are you nuts or something!?!" "I-I know it was," Jimmy stammered, "but I didn't think you guys wanted me showing up at your parties!!!" Jake stopped up short lathering his body at that remark and strode over to where Jimmy and asked harshly, "Who ever told you that, kid!!!" "Well uh, no one really," Jimmy stammered, "but I just thought, you know, that you guys didn't want me around, that's all!!!"

    "That's bullshit, Jimmy," he replied softly, "you gotta start standing up for yourself, son, show some fucking gumption, okay!?!" Jimmy nodded his head at Jake Mitchell, and went back to rinsing off his body, but as Jake did the same, Jimmy couldn't help but notice Jake's monsterous cock that hung down between his thick thighs!!! "Hey, kid," he asked good naturedly, "whatchya lookin' at anyway!?!" "Uh nothing," a beet red Jimmy replied!?! "Oh come on now, kid," Jake said with a laugh, "you were scopin' out Jake's meat weren't ya!?!" "Oh no," Jimmy protested, "really I wasn't!!!" "That's okay, kid," Jake replied while grabbing his pecker in his big hand and slowly fisting it erect, "you ever seen a dick like this!?!" Jimmy didn't know what to do, but with his head bowed he offered softly, "Only in magazines, never in person!!!" "You like big dicks," Jake asked!?! To ashamed to lift his head, Jimmy only nodded and replied, "Yes, I do!!!"

    Jimmy couldn't believe what was happening, but here was Jake Mitchell, probably the most popular man in the frat talking to him about big dicks, and more incredibly, the big stud had jerked himself a huge hardon right in front of him!!! "Do you know why my dick's unique," Jake asked!?! "Because you still have your foreskin," Jimmy quickly replied!!! "Very good, young man," Jake replied happily, "there aren't very many of us around, but this little extra skin keeps my head nice and soft and ready for action so to speak, say, why don't you jerk yours and get it hard, I've got something else to show you!!!" "Well uh, okay," Jiommy replied, "but I'm afraid that I'm nowhere near as big as you are!!!" "Neither is anybody else around here," Jake shot back quickly, "so hurry up and get it up!!!"

    Jimmy wrapped his little fist around his pecker, and while staring at Jake's weapon, he quickly brought himself to full erection!!! "Good job, Jim," Jake offered, "now, I hope you don't mind, but I wanna suck your dick first, is that okay with you!?!" Jimmy's head was spinning like a top, and for a few moments he was stunned into silence, but managed to stammer, "Uh sure, Jake, anything you want, go right ahead!!!" And for the next five minutes Jimmy stood quietly while Jake Mitchell fellated his little erection to a stunning orgasm that flooded the upper classman's mouth with a huge load of hot cum!!! "Wow," Jake sighed while standing up after swallowing every drop, "do you always have such huge loads, that was incredible!?!" Now feeling absolutely better than at any moment in his entire life, Jimmy replied happily, "almost always, but that was a big one, I won't lie to ya!!!" "I could have really used you last night," Jake offered, "I was really in the mood to suck a hot load!!!" "Well next time I'll make sure to show up," Jimmy replied!!! "Good boy," Jake replied, "now let me show you something a little bit different!!!"

    Jake positioned himself directly in front of Jimmy, and after giving both erections a little fisting to make sure that they were good and hard, he carefully slid back his foreskin and then using his other hand, he grabbd both of their dicks and held them "nose to nose" so to speak, or to put it another way, so that their two pee holes were pressed tightly together!!! "Hey look,"Jake joked, "we've got ourselves a two span pecker bridge, and if we get any harder it will become a draw bridge!!!" Jake laughed uproariously at his own joke, but after he calmed down a little, he took his foreskin an pulled it back over the head of his own cock, and then incredibly, he had plenty of flesh left over to pull over Jimmy's head too, completely incapsulating both heads in his fleshy sheath!!! Jimmy stared down at his pecker, and for the first time since he was about two days old, he had a foreskin covering the head of his dick, and boy did it ever feel good!!!

    "How does that feel," Jake asked in a decidedly husky voice!?! "I-I never knew how good a foreskin could feel," Jimmy answered almost in awe, "does it always feel this good!?!" "Just about," Jake replied, "but it's always nicer with an extra head inside!!!" Jimmy was actually shivering from all of the excitement, but the best was about to come as Jake grabbed their two heads and began slowly jerking them inside of his foreskin while asking, "Now, how does that feel!?!" "Ohhhhhhhhhh gosh is that nice," Jimmy sighed, but his next surprise came when Jake leaned down and began licking and sucking on his two hairless nipples!!! "S-sweet jesus in heaven," Jimmy gasped, "I-I'm gonna fill your skin with my cum, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" Jake's hand was now a blur over the twin covered heads, and just as Jimmy's body stiffened, Jake's monster dick convulsed viciously, spurting load after load of cum into the tight little chamber, creating an almost vagina like feeling for the two young gay masturbators as their cock heads slid together in a satisfying feeling of pure sexual excitement!!!

    Both boys stared down at their cock "bridge", and as each of them gently pulled apart, their peckers popped free as a gusher of co-mingled cum dripped out of the end of Jake's foreskin cum collector!!! Both boys then slipped back under the soothing hot water and finished up with their showers, with Jake reminding Jimmy by saying, "Now remember Jimmy, next party, you're mine, okay!?!" Jimmy smiled back with a broad grin and replied while reaching out to caress Jake's big pecker, "All yours, and his!!!"