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    Prologue: Erica Fry is a fortyish woman who has on a whim taken it upon herself to visit a company that records one's sexual fantasies on audio tape. A woman thirty something woman named Valerie has taken her to a room in which there is a chair designed to sexually arouse the user when she tells her story. The chair itself has a large thick dildo protruding from the middle of the seat which Erica was at first reluctant to use. After a bit of prodding from Valerie, she finally sat down on the fierce some rubber pecker and began telling her story. It was a true tale of how she was taken and fucked in the middle of a crowded subway car when the power went out. Her suitor was large black man who literally ravaged her while no one was the wiser! Now, Valerie is anxious for Erica to come up with another story. And here it is…………

    A friend of mine who is a movie producer asked me to join her for a night on the town when I was visiting New York City. After having finished a sumptuous late evening dinner, Paula asked, "Are you up for something a little more adventurous?" "Sure," I replied as we climbed into her new BMW. She reached into the glove compartment and produced a black scarf and asked me to cover my eyes. I gave her a quizzical look but did as I was told. We drove for about fifteen minutes from the midtown restaurant before we glided to a stop. I asked if I could now remove my eye cover, and after a few seconds delay we were again moving and she gave me permission to take it off. When I opened my eyes I discovered we were inside of a huge factory type building and were moving slowly towards a lighted area at the far end of the block long room. There were at least two dozen cars parked by a heavy steel door that was manned by two very large bouncer types. Before we got out of the car Paula touched my arm and made me promise not to tell anyone about what we were about to see. "We're not gonna do anything illegal are we?" I asked nervously. "Of course not," she assured me, "I guarantee that everything's on the up and up." "Okay," I answered softly, "I promise."

    The two bouncers nodded at Paula, indicating that they had seen her before. Once inside I was stunned to see men and women in various stages of undress! Some were simply having a drink and talking with friends, while others were in the midst of passionate love making! "So, what do you think?" she asked while handing me a drink. "I-I don't know," I stammered. "What exactly is this place?" "It's a sex club for the very rich and famous," she replied between sips of her vodka and tonic. "I don't think I recognize anyone," I said while scanning the room." "Come with me!" she ordered while taking me by the arm. A few moments later we entered a smaller room that contained a few chairs and a small stage. Up on the stage was a naked buxom dark haired woman tied between two posts in a standing spread eagle position. A young woman was gently caressing her body while applying a fragrant oil to her most intimate areas! "Recognize her?" Paula asked. It was taking my eyes a few seconds to become accustomed to the low light level, but all at once I turned to Paula and whispered hoarsely, "Is that who I think it is?!?" "It depends on who you think it is!" she replied with a twinkle in her eye. "Miranda Randolph!" I shot back while turning my attention back to the small stage. "In the flesh, baby!" Paula giggled. "In the flesh!"

    "My god!" I thought to myself. "One of Hollywood's biggest actresses getting felt up and fingered by a cute little blonde while total strangers gaped in absolute awe! And was she ever easy on the eyes! Miranda Randolph's body was even better in person that on the silver screen! "Let's sit down and watch the rest of the show," Paula said. We took our seats and watched the movie legend writhing around as the little blonde dropped to her knees and began sucking the brunette's super hairy cunt! Her long low moans could be heard all around the room as a nice hard climax soon enveloped her! Everyone clapped as the orgasm slowly ebbed from her spent body, and I was just about to get up to leave when Paula grabbed my arm and offered, "Sit down, the best is yet to come!"

    For three of four minutes Miranda Randolph hung limply between the poles as the back ground music began growing to a crescendo! Then just when the crowd began getting a little restless, the curtains at the rear of the stage opened up, and a tall muscular black man walked towards his helpless victim! The crowd roared its approval when he finally came into full view as he gave them a full look at his massive black erection! "My god!" I gasped. "Is he gonna fuck her that thing?" "He'll rip her apart!" I hadn't even noticed but Paula had pulled up her dress and was casually masturbating her own vagina as she answered me, "Don't worry, hon, Miranda's a cock hound from way back, she's had cocks even bigger than this!" That was hard to imagine, a cock bigger than the one hanging from the black giant would have had to have been attached to a horse! Miranda Randolph finally sensed that her paramour was near and after opening her eyes and seeing him, groaned loudly and thrust her groin forward in a wanton display of sexual provocation! The big dicked stud moved in and began nipping her neck and pinching her erect nipples while keeping his huge organ away from her bulging slit! "P-please fuck me now!" she begged while straining against her shackles. He ignored her pleas and slipped around behind her where he pressed his body against hers while nibbling on her ear! It was apparent that the poor woman was going into a frenzy as every square inch of her body was on the verge of sexual overload!

    Several women in the audience had mounted their companions and were riding their hard peckers, while others contented themselves with dropping their heads into their boyfriend's laps to suck them to completion! It seemed that everyone was having a good time except that is for poor Miranda who was going insane while begging for the fucking she so desperately needed! The air was so heavy with sexual tension that when Paula casually let her hand slip under my skirt I spread my legs to allow her easier access to my by now drooling pussy! "You don't mind do you, dear?" she asked breathlessly while flicking her finger over my super engorged clit. "N-noooo, that feels wonderful!!!" I gasped. I was feeling a little shaky but managed to keep my eyes on the stage where the black stud had taken a place behind the panting woman and lifted her like a rag doll a foot into the air. Her legs were still splayed wide apart, and even from a distance of thirty feet I could see her pussy gaping open and begging to be fucked! "Here he goes!" Paula hissed while her fingers flew over our hard clits. "He's gonna lower her down onto his cock!!!" And that is exactly what he did! Almost in slow motion he inched her down until the head of his dick was pressing ever so gently against her bulging opening! She struggled mightily to get him to hurry, but he let her hang there for what seemed like minutes, teasing the poor woman until she was ready to scream! Then, when she was sure she couldn't last even another second, he let go of her, driving eleven inches of thick black gristle balls deep into her molten snatch!

    "Oh my god!!!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs. "He's fucking me to death!!!" Around the room cocks were in the process of unloading countless cums into the mouths and pussies of their hungry mistresses! Up on the stage Miranda Randolph was being assaulted by a cock that would have torn most women to shreds, but instead she literally begging the huge dicked stud to fuck her even harder! Of all the women in the club, Miranda was the one who needed the biggest and hardest dicks just to make it through her day! The only reason she joined was for the never ending supply of virile young men who took turns satisfying her insatiable pussy! If her fans could only have known what and absolute cock hound she was! Appearing in mostly family pictures, one wonders what the movie going public would think if they could see her with her legs spread wide and a cock that would choke a horse shoved deep into her huge hairy cunt! Anyway, Paula had by now slipped to the floor and begun to orally satisfy me with her over active tongue! As Miranda began to shudder in a series of stunning orgasms, my own pussy pin wheeled out of control as it convulsed over and over again into Paula's hot hungry mouth! Thankfully I was sitting down, but poor Miranda, still tied to the polls, slumped forward, unable to reach the floor!

    The black stud came around and let his now semi erect cock bounce off of her lips until she finally opened her mouth to clean up its cum covered head! The same little blonde who had so aptly applied the oil to Miranda's pussy appeared out of nowhere and began tonguing the shell shocked woman to one last murderous orgasm! When it was finally over, the black stud picked up a long bladed knife and cut her bindings, allowing her to fall mercifully to the floor in a heap! With his huge cock swinging back and froth before him, the big dicked fucker came down off the stage and allowed any and all women to feel and kiss his massive member! With each kiss and lick he became harder and harder until without warning his pecker erupted like a Roman Candle in the mouth of an unsuspecting, but lucky white middle aged slut! Paula finally crawled out from under my dress and with her face covered with pussy juice asked, "So, did you find your evening interesting?" I had to suppress a laugh while replying, "Honey, interesting isn't the word for it!!!"