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    "Now let's see what's next on our agenda!" auctioneer Tom Finch said into the microphone. The thirty or so couples in the audience sat around their tables sipping expensive wine waited a little impatiently for Tom to continue! "Come on, Tommy," a woman from the back of the room hollered, "let's get on with it, I'm already dripping like a leaky faucet!!!" There were loud guffaws from all around the room as Tom turned to the crowd and kidded, "Okay, husbands, this next one is gonna make you sick!" "Send out number twenty two!" he asked while looking backstage. Ten seconds later the curtain opened and a tall thin black male with a shaved head made his way to the front of the stage where he waited in a pure white terry cloth bath robe for Tommy to begin! "All right, ladies, get out your check books," Tom said with a leer, "here we have a genuine black stud ready, willing, and last of all able to satisfy each and every one of your needs!" "I bid two hundred dollars!" Jennifer March shouted out. "I have a bid of two hundred," Tom nodded, "do I hear three!" "Three," Marilyn Johnson replied, "I bid three hundred dollars!" "I have three hundred," Tom announced, "come on now ladies, a night with this young stud is worth at least ten times that!" "How do we know he's worth it?!" Bonnie Vance shouted out. "Well," Tommy said with a grin, "let me just show you!!!"

    A cute little blonde quickly appeared at the black man's side, and after getting a signal from Tom Finch, untied the sash allowing the front of the white robe to fall open! There was an immediate gasp from the crowd as the young man's incredibly huge penis came into view! It wasn't even hard and must have hung down at least eight or nine inches! "Is that proof enough, Bonnie?" Tom shot back. "I bid a thousand!" Bonnie screamed. As Tommy recorded her bid the young woman casually took hold of the huge penis and began gently caressing it in her small delicate hand! Almost at once it became alive in her hand as it quickly expanded until it was standing proud and tall like a thick three trunk sprouting from the young buck's groin! "Good god!" Jennifer groaned, "I-it cant' be real, how big is it!?!" "I'm not sure, Jenny," Tom replied with a twinkle in his eye. "Why don't you come up here and measure it!?!" Like a shot the forty year old brunette climbed onto the stage and took the tape measure from Tom's hand and shakily ran it along the length of the young man's dick! With her voice cracking she read the tape and announced, "U-unbelievable, eleven and a half inches!!!" That's right, ladies," Tommy crowed, "eleven and a half inches of solid black bamboo for your pussy's enjoyment!" "So what do I bid?!?" "Three grand!" Marilyn moaned. "I have a bid of three thousand from Marilyn Johnson," Tommy said. "Do I hear any more!?!" The room was quiet, except for the muffled sounds of women sighing, and with a whack of his gavel Tommy Finch announced, "Sold to Marilyn Johnson for the sum of three thousand dollars, the services of Fate James for one night's pleasure!!!"

    They all climbed into the big Caddy for the trip back to the Johnson house. Mike Johnson slid behind the wheel while his wife and Fate James crawled into the back seat! Marilyn giggled a little girl's laugh as she struggled to extract Fate's organ from his tight pants! "Come on," she pleaded, "you gotta help me!" Still a little drunk from all the wine, she fumbled with the zipper before Fate casually helped her out by opening up his fly and pulling out his huge prick. Immediately Marilyn's head fell into his lap while letting the monster head slide easily into her hungry mouth! Fate moaned softly as the hot mouthed white bitch sucked on his pecker! "She's a cocksucking marvel, isn't she?" Mike Johnson chuckled while peering in the rear view mirror. Fate was used to having his meat sucked by over eager white women, but he had to admit that Marilyn was much more than adequate while he managed to gasp, "Y-yessssss, she's a cocksucking whore!!!" For the next twenty minutes Marilyn sucked the young stud to ecstasy while her husband took the long route to their home in the suburbs. With less than a half mile to go Mike opined, "Okay, babe, we're almost there, finish him off!" No sooner than the words gotten out of his mouth before Marilyn threw her mouth into overdrive, bringing her now delirious stud boy to a stunning climax! "H-holy fuck!" he moaned as his fat pecker expelled load after load of hot jizz deep into the white cocksucker's throat. Marilyn greedily slurped down each blast of cum, being careful not to lose a single drop! Once inside the garage, the hot mouthed dick lover led the shaky legged stud by his pecker into the house!

    Once in the living room Mike shouted out, "Anybody home!?!" "I am!" a voice from upstairs replied. "Well get on down here," Marilyn yelled, "I have a surprise for you!" A few moments later a cute little eighteen year old blonde literally hopped down the stairs and asked excitedly, "What kind of a surprise?!?" "Just this," Marilyn said to her wide eyed daughter. "Your father and I both thought it was time you experienced a really big cock!" A rush of anticipation spread through her as her knees weakened at the mere sight of Fate James' incredible organ. Her mother, still holding it gently in her hand whispered softly, "Happy birthday, dear, I hope you like it!" As if drawn like a magnet to cheap metal little Steffi crossed the room with her eyes locked on the now semi hard erection! "C-can I touch it?" she breathed unevenly. "Of course you may!" Marilyn said with a smile while letting the giant hammer slip from her hand. "It's all yours!!!

    Marilyn joined her husband on the couch as they watched proudly as their one and only daughter was initiated into big cock sex by the towering black stud! Sensing that she was far from experienced, Fate allowed her to play with his rapidly expanding pecker until she got more used to its massive size! "I-it's really huge, isn't it?!?" she asked no one in particular. "Yes it is, dear," her mother replied while stripping off her clothing along with her husband. "Why don't you help Fate remove his pants and shorts?!?" "Is that all right with you?!?" she asked hopefully. "Sure," he replied with wide smile, be my guest!" With her hands shaking little Steffi quickly removed the young man's trousers and boxers leaving his totally naked below the waist! "W-what should I do now?" she asked nervously. "Why don't you get naked and let me taste your sweet little pussy?" the black giant asked gently. "Oh god, Mike!" Marilyn moaned while watching her daughter get her hairless vagina sucked. "She loves it, just look at her!" The two proud parents both masturbated casually while staring at their cute little girl being eaten alive by Fate James!

    Of course Steffi had had her share of self induced orgasms, but this was completely different! Attached to her tight little pussy was a relentless mouth that was literally trying to devour her! "Ohhhhh, m-mommy!" she gasped as her first climax slammed into her willing virginal vagina. "W-what's happening to me?!?" Marilyn had long since mounted her husband's thick cock while watching her daughter having her first male induced orgasm! Her own pussy was absolutely on fire, so it took a moment to gather her bearings before moaning softly, "Y-you're just having a climax dear, isn't it just heavenly?!?" Steffi's head rolled to the side, and with a slack jaw expression focused on her mother riding her father's big cock! "Oh mommy, you're letting daddy fuck you too!" "Of course I am, dear," she replied gently. "Now don't you think it's time to let Fate pop your cherry???"

    Fate's ears really perked up when he heard Marilyn refer to her daughter as a virgin! He lifted his mouth from her dripping little pussy and asked, "You're really a virgin, for real?" She nodded her head slowly, filling with trepidation at the though of being impaled by Fate's massive black organ! He kissed her softly on the cheek while whispering into her ear, "Don't worry, baby, I'll be more than gentle, and that's a promise!" A small smile spread over her face as the huge black Mandingo maneuvered her into position of the large sofa! With her trim legs spread wide apart Fate slowly pressed his shiny smooth head against her tiny opening! Both Mike and Marilyn looked on in total lust and envy as the huge pecker head slowly slipped into their daughter's cute little pussy! "Ohhhh, Mommy," Steffi groaned, "it hurts!" "I know it does, dear," she replied smoothly, "but only for a little while, you wait, it will get better!" "How is she, Fate?" Marilyn panted. "Is she nice and tight?!?" "Sweet jesus, yes," he moaned, "she's got the tightest little pussy I've ever fucked!" "Mmmmmm, that's nice!" Marilyn replied. "Don't make her wait another second, bury it!!!" "A-are you sure!?!" he stammered. "She's so fucking small!!!" "She'll love it," Marilyn shot back, "now do it, fuck her hard!!!"

    Already the little eighteen year old was beginning to tremble as the monster pecker slid further and further up inside of her! It was painful to be sure, but roiled all together with the pain was an intense pleasure! She was just starting to get used to the thickness inside of her when out of the blue Fate shoved his powerful hips forward, forcing all eleven inches of cock balls deep into poor defenseless pussy!!! "Owwwwwwwweeeeeee!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Oh god it hurts so fucking bad!!!" Fate momentarily stopped his thrusting to make sure that Steffi was okay, and when he was sure he proceeded to ram her like a bull fucking a heifer!!! In only a matter of a few short minutes Steffi's screams of pain turned into soft mewlings of pleasure as the thick battering ram became her chocolate colored love stick! "M- mommy," she gasped, "h-he's fucking me to death, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, it's so fucking goooooooood!!!" "Oh god, Mike, look at your little daughter!" Marilyn blithered. "S- she's getting her pussy plowed but fucking good!!!" Mike watched with a mixture of horror and rapture as his little girl lay on the couch with her legs splayed wide apart as the brutal black pecker jack hammered in and out of her tiny little cunt! Almost immediately his nut sack tightened as his cock erupted deep inside of his wife's fat wet pussy while at the same time Marilyn threw her head back and shoved her large chest directly into her husband's face! Greedily Mike took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it voraciously while the two of them had mutually stunning orgasms!

    Fate's cock was now on automatic pilot as he drove his thick cock in and out of poor little Steffi's pussy with almost brutal efficiency! Her hips were now bucking up to meet his every thrust, and true to her heritage she was indeed becoming a cock hound of monumental proportions! Even though it was her first cock, and a monster to boot, she was taking it like she it was her hundredth pecker and loving every second of it! Having already experienced her first orally induced climax, she wasn't quite prepared for the ferocity in which her pussy reacted when it suddenly convulsed wildly around the rapacious invader, inducing the black stud into spilling his white hot seed deep in her burning pit of passion! Instinctively she threw her legs around his hips and locked him into place until all the energy finally ebbed out of them!

    There were two stunned couples now gasping for breath while their blood pressures began finally returning to normal!!! With Fate's big hammer still in her ripe little pussy Steffi sighed, "Thank you mommy, and thank you daddy for the best birthday present a girl could get!" Before Marilyn or Mike could answer Fate James added, "And thank you for a present I'll never forget!!!"