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    Dr. Sierra Clark sat quietly while Ethan and Sydney Harmon related their failed attempts at sexual intercousre for the past week!!! "Doctor, I just don't know what else we can do," Sydney offered softly, "we tried everything you suggested, but nothing, it just didn't work!!!" "Is that true, Ethan," the doctor asked quietly?!? "I'm afraid so," he replied sadly, "I just can't seem to be able to attain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse with Sydney!!!" "What did you do then," the doctor asked Sydney?!? "Well, sometimes Ethan satisfies me with his mouth on my vagina, but the other night the need to be filled was so overwhelming that I'm afraid I used a large black dildo on myself right in front of him!!!" "How did that make you feel, Ethan," she asked!?! "Just awful," he replied softly, "seeing your wife using a huge latex penis to do the job I'm supposed to be doing is extremely depressing!!!" "I told him I was sorry," Sydney sighed, "but you know how it is, Dr. Clark, as a woman you know that sometimes only a massive erection inside your vagina will do!!!"

    Dr. Sierra Clark leaned back in her chair while eyeing the middle aged couple, and then in a soft voice asked, "Would you two be willing to try something a little bit radical!?!" "Not surgury," Ethan replied quickly, "no way am I going under the knife, not even for Sydney!!!" Dr. Clark chuckled a bit before replying, "No, no surgury, nothing like that at all, but it something I picked up last summer on a trip to the Amazon rain forest!!!" After hearing that, the Harmons both leaned a little bit closer and asked curiously, "Is it dangerous!?!" "Of course not," the doctor replied softly, "but it is such a powerful treatment that if it works, Ethan will be compelled to take Sydney right here and now in the most forceful way imaginable!!!" "You're kidding," Sydney replied a little hoarsely, "he'll just take me here and now!?!" "That's correct," she declared, "are you interested!?!" Both of them exchanged glances before Sydney turned back and nodded while saying, "Yes, we're willing, let's do it!!!"

    Dr. Clark went over and double locked the large oak door, and after making sure that it was secure, she opened up a hidden panel in the wall covered book case and extracted a small yellowish candle from an old worn leather pouch!!! "That's the secret," Ethan asked softly, "it seems to good to be true!?!" "Don't thank me yet, Mr. Harmon," Sierra Clark replied quickly, "sometimes too much of a good thing is just as bad as not enough!!!" Both Sydney sat in rapt silence while the doctor struck a single wooden match and carefully ignited the little candle!!! "Okay, just breath normally and act normally," the doctor commanded while sitting back down in her chair, "it will take a good five minutes before you have a reaction!!!" The room turned deathly quiet as all three of them stared into the flickering flame while a pungent sweet aroma permeated the office like a thick blanket, until almost after exactly five minutes Sydney began squirming uncomfortably in her seat while unconsciously caressing her breasts through her sweater!!! Dr. Clark also began fidgeting around on her seat while her breathing became more labored as the affects of the burning candle overtook her, and while neither of the woman had noticed, Ethan's penis was expanding rapidly inside of his pants and shorts!!!

    "How do you feel," the doctor asked with a soft moan!?! "M-my vagina is absolutely drenching," Sydney panted, "what about you!?!" "Me too," the doctor said through gritted teeth, "I wonder if Ethan has a hard pecker yet!?!" Without saying a word, Ethan stood up, and with his hands shaking, undid his pants and exposed his now very erect penis!!! "Oh my god," Sydney gasped while slipping her hand inside of her panties and furiously frigging her drooling slit, "h-he's fucking huge, I gotta have it inside of me, ohhhhhh god I need that cock!!!" Sierra Harmon was no longer a doctor assisting her patients, she was now just another woman in a state of sexual heat that would do anything to have her vagina violated by a large erection, so in order to get the jump on her female rival, she literally ripped her clothing from her body until she was standing naked in front of Ethan while lewdly thrusting her pussy towards him in a symbolic offering of her sex!!!

    Quickly following suit, Sydney too presented herself to Ethan, only in her case she lay down on the floor with her legs spread while frantically fingering her pussy in a vain attempt to lure him to her!!! Normally Ethan would have had a six or seven inch erection at best, but in his heightened state of arousal his erection had expanded to the point that it was approaching nine inches long and growing!!! His mind began spinning at the sight of the two women wantonly displaying themselves for him, and just as his erection was bulging far beyond its normal length, the extra blood rushing to their groins had blown up their clits to the point that they appeared almost as large as a smallish male erection!!! The three of them could now feel their entire sexual energies concentrated in their organs, the women in their clits, and of course Ethan in the under side of his huge dick head!!! While both women were desperate to feel his manhood splitting them wide open, Ethan lay down on the floor between them, and then as if they knew eaxactly what to do, Sydney mounted his erection with her bulging vagina while Sierra Harmon settled her hairy muff directly onto his open mouth!!!

    Syndey's eyes were quickly glazing over as her vagina was being viciously violated by by Ethan's murderously thick pecker, and her inclination to rock to and fro on the monster instantly induced a series of clit numbing orgasms that had her screaming at the top of her lungs while wave after wave of pleasure washed over her like a tidal wave crashing on the shore!!! Sierra Harmon, however, was busily grinding her engorged clit hard all over Ethan's hot mouth, frantically trying to position her clit so that it would scrape across his teeth before being flicked at by his very insistent tongue!!! "H-how does it feel," Sierra stammered to Sydney while she ran along the ragged edge before her orgasm!?! "He's so fucking big and hard, just like I dreamed he would be," she moaned softly, "it feels like I'm being fucked by a bull and that my pussy is at his mercy!!!" "M-my clit feels so huge," Sierra sighed, "like a little hard cock sticking out between the folds of my pussy!!!" "Oh god," Sydney panted, "I'm being ravaged and invaded by a brutal marauder, ohhhhh myyyyy, I feel like such a fucking little pussy!!!" "It feels so wonderful to be a pussy, doesn't it," Sierra sighed while Ethan's tongue slithered into the folds of her labia, "just thinking about at huge erection and our tight vaginas makes me want to cream my panties!!!" "Oh yes," Sydney hissed, "just think about our pretty asses and vaginas being covered by dainty little pairs of silk panties while his huge erection is standing up only inches away ready to violate us in the most vicious manner!!!"

    The two women leaned forward, pressing their large breasts together while kissing each other deeply on the lips before Sierra gasped, "D-don't you just love seeing a man taking off his shorts and having a huge erection fall out and just hang their menacingly, like it was just looking for a pussy to fuck!!!" "Maybe that's why they call them one eyed snakes," Sydney sighed softly while her pussy collapsed around Ethan's massive member, "they have and eye for good hot pussy!!!" "Do you know what I love about big peckers," Sierra moaned while her orgasm began overtaking her!?! "Oh god," Sydney whispered while kneading Sierra's big tits, "t-tell me!!!" "I just adore seeing those veins bulging out all over the shaft and a drop of hot precum hanging from the tips," she moaned while filling Ethan's mouth with a torrential down pour of hot pussy juice!!! Sydney wasn't sure that she could cum again in her depleted state, but out of the blue like a bolt of jagged lightning, Ethan's pecker began spamsing out of control as his own climax sent a shower of molten cum into Sydney's unsuspecting organ, which just naturally induced her poor pussy into one more earth shattering cum of its own!!!

    The two women collapsed together, kissing and nuzzling while their pussies spasmodically contracted involuntarily in reaction to their brutally satisfying orgasms, and Ethan, who only a short half hour before was unable to achieve any kind of erection at all, was already starting to stiffen in anticipation of another round of fucking!!! "You're not going to believe this," a shell shocked Sydney whispered to Sierra, "but he's hard all over again!!!" "What did I tell you," the doctor said with a knowing smile, "once you start him, you can't stop him!!!"