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    "Okay ladies," Missy said to her guests, "relax and get ready because I have a very special treat for today's meeting!" "What is it?" and excited Jayne asked while removing her sweat shirt and jeans. "Now you know better than to than that" Missy replied with a giggle to the buxom twenty five year old. "You don't want me to spoil the surprise do you?!?" Sixty three year old Anna who was already naked on the sofa with a thick fat dildo buried in her gray haired cunt looked over to Audra and offered, "These young whippersnappers just don't have any patience at all, do they???" Before the forty one year old could reply, Jayne made a face at the two older women while playfully tossing her huge bra in their direction! "Hey, watch out!" Audra scolded. You could kill somebody with that thing!" "No," Jayne retorted while jiggling her massive breasts in Audra's direction, "now maybe these could kill you………" Missy just stood there with her hands on her hips and shaking her head while thinking what a good group of ladies they had! Even though they were quite disparate in their ages the women truly seemed to enjoy each other's company! For the past ten years they had been meeting several times a month to enjoy each other's company while taking part in the age old art of mutual masturbation! Jayne was the newest member to the group which added a certain amount of fire to their meetings as she was quite young and extremely orgasmic! Usually the meetings just consisted of story telling and jerking off, but today was special because they had a guest to entertain them!!!

    Pretty soon everyone was naked and in their places and ready to go. "Okay ladies, I'd like you to meet tonight's very special guest, may I present to you, Susi!!!" Missy swung open the door to the adjoining room, and much to the stunned delight of everyone there an incredibly beautiful Asian girl in bright red kimono slowly entered the room with her head bowed down! "Oh my gosh!" Audra said softly. "She's just incredible!!!" "Is she Japanese?" Jayne asked in husky voice. "How old is she?" Anna added. "Ladies, ladies," Missy replied gently, "take it easy, we have all evening!" "Her name is Susi, and she is an eighteen year old Japanese girl," Missy explained. Even in her native dress the young woman looked incredibly arousing, so when Missy carefully removed the bright red garment everyone gasped! "Oh fuck!!!" Anna moaned while staring at the cute little Asian. "I'm cumming already! The other two women were also jamming their thick rubber peckers deep inside of their sopping wet pussies and were literally unable to speak! It was Jayne, however, who was the first to notice it when she finally gasped, "My god, look at her, she, I mean he, I mean she has a cock!!!"

    "I-I don't believe it!" Audra moaned. "It's so tiny, just like a little boy!" Missy quickly produced a folding chair and had the cute little "girl" sit down facing the group with her legs spread wide apart! With a cock that was barely bigger than a woman's thumb, Susi looked incredibly intoxicating! "Watch this, girls," Missy said softly while reaching down to gently stroke the little organ. With even strokes the women pumped their dildos in and out of their buttery pussies while Missy brought Susi's little pecker to full erection! It was very thin and only two inches long, but none of the women had ever seen any cock that turned them on more! Jayne was particularly taken with the tiny member as she pounded her hot pussy while sucking one of her big hard nipples and staring at the now stiff little hard on! "Who wants to suck it first!?!" Missy asked. Almost in unison three hands shot up while they all shouted, "I do, I do!!!"

    They drew straws and Audra was lucky one who drew short! Quickly taking her place between Susi's legs the older woman kissed the head of the little penis before letting is slip easily between her hungry lips! "God, look at her fat ass," Anna moaned, "I just love Audra's ass!!!" "M-me to," Jayne gasped while watching her friend sucking the cute little pecker. "How does it taste?!? Missy asked softly while fingering her own hot cunt. "Mmmm, mmmm," was all Audra could manage as she refused to let the little organ out of her hot mouth! Anna slid off the sofa and literally crawled over to Audra whereupon she began covering the big fat ass with hundreds of sweet little wet kisses! Audra moaned deeply when the old woman finally settled her mouth directly on her bulging pussy lips! "T-that's the way to do it," Jayne panted suck her cunt, "make her cum!!!" For at least a few moments everyone seemed to have forgotten sweet little Susi! That is except for Audra whose whole body shuddered as the little pecker stiffened as it pumped a surprisingly big load of hot spunk into her eager mouth! Her own pussy wrenched hard while Anna's experienced tongue worked its magic on her hot fat clitty! Her fat ass shook like a bowl of Jell-o as her orgasm rumbled through her very needy cunt!

    Audra slipped to the floor in a heap, completely shell shocked from the dual assault on her body. Now it was Jayne's turn to experience Susi's cute little body! "Come to mama," Jayne purred while Missy led the wobbly legged Asian over to her. "Now be a good little girl and suck mama's wet pussy!" With her pussy bulging obscenely for all to see, Jayne guided Susi's face to her seat of passion while forcing her labia into the stunned little Asian's mouth! "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh god is that nice!" Jayne sighed while firmly holding Susi's mouth in position. "What a talented mouth she has!!!" Missy dropped down to the floor and slid her head under Susi's crotch and began nursing on the now rapidly stiffening little pecker! Jayne's huge chest heaved up and down like twin mountains as her climax quickly built to the point of bursting while Anna was still lay crumpled in a heap slack jawed while watching her friends having their way with the little transsexual! It was truly amazing that such little "girl" could cause so much excitement! Jayne finally let loose with a low guttural moan from deep in her belly as her climax washed over her trembling body! Then for the first time, Susi gasped and moaned as her little pecker spasmed hard, filling Missy's mouth with a shot of white hot jizzm!!! Seeing that Missy was the only one yet to cum, Anna crawled over and shoved a thick dildo into the unsuspecting woman's hot cunt, bringing her to a swift and stunning climax of her own! For the next five minutes no one said a word! All that could be heard was the loud breathing of four very satisfied women and one hot little Asian trollop!!!

    Jayne was the first one to speak, and in a very subdued voice asked Susi, "Do you have a girlfriend?" "Mmmmm, yes," she replied softly. "Is she like you, I mean does she have a cock?" Jayne pressed on. "Oh, noooooo," Susi giggled, "she has a very cute little pussy." "Do you fuck her?" With her voice becoming increasingly labored the little Asian replied thickly, "Y-yes, every night, I fuck her then she sucks me!" Does she like your cute little pecker?" Audra piped up while fingering her hot slit. "Oh god yes," Susi panted while taking her prick into her hand, "she loves sucking me off!" Do you ever suck other men?" Anna asked as eight inches of hard rubber disappeared into her hot pussy. "S-sometimes," Susi stammered, "once Valerie, she's my room mate, brought home her boss, he had a huge cock!" "Oh god," Jayne moaned. "Did you suck him off?!?" "Yessssssssss," the little Asian hissed, "but only after he fucked Valerie's tight little pussy!!!" By now everyone was furiously fingering their pussies while the hot mouthed little trans fisted her hard little cock! As if reading their minds, Susi stood up in the middle of the room and jerked her little pecker in a wanton display of sexual pleasure! Fingers were now flying in and out of gaping slits while the four drooling women brought themselves to stunning climaxes just as the little Asian slut emptied her tight nut bag for the last time!!!

    "So" Missy asked softly after Susi had gone home, "how did you like my special treat!?!" All the women sighed together while Audra replied for the group, "She was good enough to eat, and that's all that needs saying!!!"