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    She thought she was gonna die!!! For the past forty five minutes Julie Baxter had gone through a rigorous aerobic workout at the health club she was a member of, and if hell was any worse than this she'd have been surprised!!! On television when ever they show a group of women working out they're always in perfect condition as well as being young and pretty, but for Julie, who had been putting herself through this personal torture for over six months, she hadn't really lost any weight at all, and still tipped the scales at a very heft two hundred forty five pounds!!! It wasn't that she wasn't pretty, she really was, it was just that she was on the plump side and no matter how you tried to hide it, you just couldn't!!! She was so damn tired when the instructor finally called a halt to the carnage that she wobbled unsteadily to a bench on the edge of the room before collapsing in heap!!! After sitting there for ten minutes, she decided that enough was enough, and if she was destined to be fat, well that's just the way it gonna hafta be!!! She wasn't unhappy with her body, in fact you could say that she was comfortable with her self, but with everything geared towards the young and thin, she had decided to give it a try, but now she knew it was over and that she would just have to be satisfied with the way she was!!!

    Standing under the shower in the locker room, Julie let the hot burning needles soothe her aching muscles, and with her mind floating away in the misty warmth of the shower, she was quite unaware when and incredibly muscular young woman took the place next to her and began to wash off!!! After about five minutes of meditation, Julie opened her eyes just as the woman asked, ""Could I borrow that bar of soap, my tray seems to be empty!?!" For the first time in a long time Julie was suddenly very self conscious about her size as she stared openly at the body of her shower mate, and after handing over the bar of soap, the woman extended her hand and said, "I'm Brenda Brown!!!" "Uh, my name's Julie, Julie Baxter, I don't believe I've seen you here before," she stammered!!! "I just joined," the blonde woman replied, "and I must say I'm glad that I did, they have a really big selection of equipment in the weight room!!!" "I wouldn't know about that," Julie replied, "I just come for the aerobics classes, you know, dancing around and all that stuff!!!" Brenda nodded her head and went back to her shower, and as Julie looked on in almost total shock, Brenda Brown soaped up her smoothly shaved vagina, and then like she was home in her bedroom, used her middle finger to bring herself to a stunning orgasm right there in front of her!!!

    "Wow," Brenda sighed, "I always feel so much better after a good hard cum, don't you!?!" "Well, er, I mean, I guess so," Julie replied red faced, "doesn't everyone!?!" Brenda just giggled a little girl's laugh, and then in a low, almost husky voice whispered, "I just love big tits, and yours are absolutely huge, why not let me suck your nipples while you jerk off your clit!?!" W-why I never," Julie stammered, "I hardly even know you, and to ask such a thing..." "Oh come on," Brenda replied while reaching out to caress Julie's huge chest, "I can tell just by looking at you that you have a body that loves sex, so stop acting like a little girl and get that finger into your hairy snatch!!!" The soapy water coupled with Brenda's strong hands were having a profound effect on her, and when the muscular blonde took one of her nipples into her mouth, Julie just sighed deeply before letting her hand slip over her round tummy and down to her now burning clit!!! Several other women had just come into the shower room, but Julie was now too far gone to care, so as Brenda sucked on her tits, her finger literally flew over her now very hard clit!!! The other women were laughing and giggling, but as her orgasm neared, they finally gave in to their desires, and while Julie's legs buckled slightly as her body was being wracked with a viciously brutal climax, several of the other women joined her and had stunning cums of their own!!!

    After both of them had rinsed off, Brenda led Julie by the hand to their lockers, and after sitting the plump woman on the bench with her legs spread wide apart, the young blonde slipped between her legs, and after giving her a sweet little smile, buried her head in Julie's now super heated pussy!!! Two other women sat down on either side of her and took one of her huge nipples into their mouths, so as she sat there quietly, her pussy and nipples were being serviced by three very insistent tongues!!! Slowly but surely the fury in her pussy began to grow again, and as Brenda bored in hard on her erect little nub, her big belly began to quiver as another orgasm began to shudder through her, leaving her shaken and spent from the experience!!!

    Now it was Brenda's turn, and with Julie now almost in a daze, she pushed her down to the floor, and after lining up her cunt with Julie's face, lowered her gaping lips down until they pressed firmly against her warm wet mouth!!! "Oh yesssssss," Brenda hissed through clenched teeth, "suck my fucking pussy you fat bitch, make me cum like a fucking rocket!!!" Julie's tongue flicked back and forth over the hard little clit, and while she never liked being called fat, when Brenda used it, it was more than a little exciting, so when one of the other women slipped her tongue into her hot cunt, all she could do was moan loud and long into Brenda's hot cunt, bringing the hot talking cunt lapper to a stunning orgasm of her own!!! Even though she had already cum twice before, getting her pussy sucked was just about Julie's favorite thing, so she wasn't at all surprised when her pussy convulsed hard several times as another orgasm ripped through her straining pussy!!!

    Brenda scrambled up and took one of Julie's nipples back into her mouth and sighed, "My god, if I were you I wouldn't try to lose any more weight, you're just perfect the way you are!!!" Julie just chuckled a bit and caressed her new friend's cheek and replied, "Don't worry, baby, mama likes herself just like she is, plump and ready!!!"