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    Virginia York wheeled her Caddy into the parking garage and after maneuvering through the maze of ramps she nosed the big auto into a space near the elevator. She shivered a little as a cold north wind whipped around her while waiting for a car. Finally down on the street, she made her way the two blocks to a nondescript building on the west side of Chicago's Loop. It had been almost a month since her last visit, and the anticipation in her pussy caused her to drench her panties involuntarily! She took a deep breath before entering a plain looking office on the seventh floor, and after a moment's hesitation went inside.

    Immediately a thirtyish woman got up from behind her desk and greeted her warmly, "And how are you, Mrs. York?" "It's been awhile since your last "appointment"! A least a month," the fifty five year old woman replied. "Did you have something special in mind?" the woman asked. "Well," Virginia replied softly, "is that young man that I had last time still here, I believe his name was Chris!" "Ummmmm, let me see if he's in today," she replied quickly. "Now let me see." "Yes, he's just finishing up his break," the she went on. "Would you like me to set up a room?" "Please," Virginia answered softly, "and the sooner the better."

    The matronly woman sat a little nervously in and easy chair in the well appointed bedroom while waiting for Chris. It was really fixed up like a fine hotel room with a huge king size bed, fifty inch color TV with accompanying VCR, a fully stocked bar, and of course a bathroom with all the toys! She was lost in her own thoughts when she was jolted back to reality when Chris strode through the door with a big smile on his face. "Hello, Mrs. York, Carol said you asked for me personally!" "Y-yes," she replied a little red faced. "I'm glad," he replied smoothly while standing directly in front of her. "If I recall," he said gently, "you like to open up the package yourself!" She didn't even bother asking as her shaking fingers began undoing the front of his dungarees. When she had finally managed to get them down around his ankles her breathing had become increasingly labored while she ran her hands gingerly over the bulge in his red bikini under shorts. "You really love black meat, don't ya bitch?!? he asked with soft laugh. She shuddered at the insolence of the young man, and as she tugged his shorts down and his huge black cock flopped into view, she groaned loudly while taking it into her small hands!

    She was addicted and she knew it! For the past ten years she had been giving into her desires and partaking of the fruit of young black cock! Her husband was a high powered lawyer and had little time for her in his fast paced life. Even if he knew about her interludes she doubted that he would have interfered with her fun, he was much to busy to bother! With Chris's huge member pulsating in her hands she leaned over and gently kissed the satiny head before letting it slip into her hot warm mouth! The young man's legs buckled slightly, and even though he was used to having over the hill while bitches have their way with him, he had to admit that Virginia York was a cocksucker nonpareil! At first she tenderly caressed his manhood with her lips and tongue, literally making sweet love to his ebony satisfier! But soon, as the fury in her pussy intensified her mouth became a virtual vacuum as she greedily sucked him to a stunning completion, filling her mouth with a load of red hot spunk!

    "Wow," Chris sighed while holding onto Virginia's shoulders for support, "you white bitches can really suck cock." Virginia stood up and kissed the young man full on the mouth before breaking away to whisper urgently, "H-help me with my things, I need you in me!" Chris chuckled softly at Virginia's predicament, but after kissing her one more time, he slowly began undoing the buttons on her jacket. "Please hurry!" she panted while still holding his now rapidly expanding member. "So ya need some black bamboo, do ya?" he asked while moving from her jacket to her matching skirt. "Well don't you worry," he went on, "I have a nine and a half inch piece of meat just meant for you." In only a matter of minutes Virginia was standing there in only her white satin bra and panties. Chris cupped the huge mammaries through the sheer material and commented, "I just love a woman with big tits, and baby, yours are the biggest!?!"

    Virginia shuddered as the young black stud played with her bra encased boobs, and not being able to stand it another second, she reluctantly dropped his pecker and quickly unhooked her massive bra allowing her huge jugs to drop heavily onto her round belly! Now it was his turn to gasp as the sight of her monster chest turned his pecker into a turgid piece of hot steel! Almost frantically he ripped off the panties that barely covered her fat ass, and in one quick motion spun the stunned woman around and leaned her over the back of the chair! He took his hand and ran a finger up and down her hairy slit, inducing a long low moan from deep down in the excited bitch's throat! "Ya like that do ya?" he asked while flicking across her hard little clitty. "Well, cunt, you're gonna even like this more!!!" She knew what was coming next and took a deep breath while gripping the arms of the chair tightly! This was the moment that she had been waiting for! While she dearly loved sucking the cocks of the young black men such as Chris, what she loved even more was the feeling of having her white bread pussy split in two by one of their massive ebony dicks! Even though she had always enjoyed sex with her husband, it wasn't until a friend of hers turned her on to the incredible satisfaction of being reamed by a truly huge black penis! So now the moment of truth was at hand and she could hardly wait!

    Taking his tennis ball size head he ran it up and down her drooling lips, teasing her as he poked and prodded her opening with false thrusts. He impatience was growing by the second, until finally unable to wait another moment, she reached around and grabbed his member out of his hands while guiding carefully guiding the head into her bulging lips! Can't wait, huh!?!" he laughed while grabbing her by her fat ass. "Well now get ready, baby, cuz Chris is about to go for a fucking ride!" She knew it was coming, but the abruptness of the assault was almost more than she could bear! With one mighty shove of his slim hips the young black stud buried nine and a half inches of thick ebony cock into Virginia York's defenseless vagina! "Owweeeeeeeeeee!!!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs. "G-good fucking god in heaven, you're tearing me apart!" The inside of her pussy was a molten cauldron of hot pussy juice! Chris's eyes nearly rolled back into his head as his pecker head took control of his body. Now on automatic pilot he rammed his fat pecker in and out of her with brutal precision! With each stroke a massive orgasm exploded in Virginia's pussy while her huge tits flopped around wildly as she hung on for dear life!

    While Virginia was holding on to the chair with a vise like grip, Chris had a hand full of fat white ass in each of his large hands that used for leverage on each and every plunge! Now looking down at her giant quivering globes, Chris's head rolled from side to side on his shoulders as his nut bag tightened in anticipation of another hard cum! "T-take that, you black dick loving whore!" he said through clenched teeth. "You fucking love it don't you?!?" With her heart about to leap through her chest and her clit about to explode, Virginia York groaned loudly before stammering, "I-I just love your fat fucking black pecker, now f-fuck me, you black mother fucker!" That did it!!! Both of them lurched in unison as huge climaxes racked their quivering organs! Chris's pecker shuddered hard several times before spewing load after load of hot burning jizz deep inside of the pussy of the fat assed matron. While on the other hand Virginia held on for dear life as her pussy convulsed wildly around the massive pecker that had literally torn it apart!!!

    Chris stood there for a few moments, unable to even move while his pecker slowly slipped from the now well fucked pussy! "Ohhhhhh my!" Virginia sighed. "T-that was just incredible, I just can't get enough of you!" Even though it was a just another job, Chris gave her big ass one last caress before replying, "Yeah, that's what I'd call it too, just incredible!!!"